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What You Need to Know About Bedwetting Alarms

If you are a parent of a child who is prone to bedwetting, the chances are that you have tried effortlessly to look for a solution to stop this problem. Do not get disappointed by the child or teen because bedwetting is a common problem that can be challenging to handle. You need to find the best bedwetting alarm such as the Malem bedwetting alarm. The alarm is a popular solution that can help your child from wetting the bed regularly.

Seeking medical advice can sometimes fail to work. The bedwetting alarm is a proven solution that is used to reduce the incidents of bedwetting in about three to four weeks. With little success with the bedwetting alarm, your child will eventually stop the habit permanently.

The alarm can be considered as a medical device to treat the problem of urinating while asleep because it has effectively decreased the number of such incidents in about two-thirds of children using this device. The child will remain dry for the rest of the nights after completion of the treatment.

When to Use the Bedwetting Alarm


The most effective time to use the bedwetting alarm should be when nightly incontinence becomes an issue. This alarm should be attached to the pajamas or the sleeping pants of the child when he or she gets to bed. However, the alarm should be used for children above five years.

Kids below five years may have a difficult time grasping the concept of the bedwetting alarm, and they may seem to be reluctant in responding to the alarm. The best candidates are kids above five years as long they are willing to use the bedwetting alarm.

How Efficient is the Bedwetting Alarm?

Researchers researched the efficiency of the bedwetting alarm to prove if it has a high success rate. Fortunately, it has been recommended to have long-term success rate to patients who are using it persistently.

The alarm is a reassurance that the child can have control over the habit of urinating while asleep. It is crucial to use a high-quality alarm with the best features to alert the child when asleep.

How the Alarm Works

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The bedwetting alarm is featured with a unit and a sensor. The sensor plays a crucial part since it can detect urine and turns on the alarm to wake the child, the urine detection is almost immediate depending on the loudness of the sound that you set. When a child is alerted more frequently, the patent is trained to wake up when then the bladder is full to prevent wetting the bed. The patient should be persistent with the use of the bedwetting alarm so that he or she can develop a strong bladder control even when asleep.

There are different types of bedwetting alarms. However, they all serve the same purpose except that the features differ slightly. The common types include the wearable alarms, wireless alarms, and the pad-type alarms. They all have a clear goal of helping children to stop the habit of wetting their beds permanently.


The importance of field hockey stick sizing


As a hockey player, your hockey stick is one of the most valuable pieces of your equipment. This is because it plays a very important role when it comes to your performance. When choosing your field hockey stick, you should know your level of play as well as your position in your team. Apart from this, you also need to pay attention to the field hockey stick sizing, among other factors.

What is the most ideal size of a field hockey stick?

22bdnjhWhen buying your best field hockey stick, one of the most important factor to consider is the length of the stick. This is because it can affect the way you play, how you control the ball, as well as your hitting capability. You can find the most appropriate stick length for your body using either the Dutch Method or the American Method.

The US Method

This method is based on your height. This method requires you to hold your hockey stick at your side and making sure the top is 2’’ below your waist.

The Dutch Method

This method requires you to hold the head of your hockey stick in your armpit. You should then ensure the stick ends near the middle of your kneecap.

However, these methods are not appropriate for all players. For instance, forwards may opt for shorter sticks in order to have the ability to give greater ball control while dribbling. On the other hand, midfielders or defensive players may opt for slightly longer sticks that allow them to get additional reach while involved in tackling, or a more powerful hit can send the ball out of the defensive.

In addition, you can find a chart that matches player height with corresponding stick lengths online. This chart can guide you when it comes to determining the most appropriate length of your field hockey stick for your height.

The problem with long field hockey sticks

Essentially, a player with the right length stick plays more comfortably and much better compared to a player with the wrong –sized stick. Thus causing the head of the stick to fracture. However, a more skilled player can comfortably and effectively use a longer stick, while goalies opt for shorter, lighter sticks.

Cost versus Performance

33mckxjkMany people tend to think that the most expensive field hockey sticks are also the best as far as performance is concerned. However, this is not always true. The fact of the matter is that there are so many famous brands of hockey sticks that are quite affordable, and which also give a good performance. Also, you may find that some very expensive brands are very stiff because of having high carbon content. This means that they cannot give the kind of performance that you would expect because they are essentially quite heavy. Players using such kind of sticks find it hard to stop and control the ball.


Field hockey stick sizing is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the best hockey stick. However, there are also other factors that you need to consider, including the weight, material, toe design, grip, and stick bow, among others.