Top 5 Unwanted Side Effects Of Crash Diets For Weight Loss

Crash diets are actually weight loss diets which offer the results very quickly and simultaneously and can cause lots of harm to the different organs in our body. Nowadays, many nutritionists assert that crash diets aren’t really a healthy method of weight reduction, and they suggest not following them to get quicker results.

In this article, we will mention several significant side effects of crash diet.

1. Your immune system will become weak

gdhgd674Usually, women need about 1,400 calories regularly. The hormonal levels will drop in case your body does not receive adequate nutrients. Leptin, which is essential for keeping the immune system strong, is one of the hormones which decrease while you starve.

With a decrease of leptin, our body conserves energy for protecting the vital organs such as the liver, heart, and brain thus weakens our immunity. This implies that you might get sick more often, which you definitely do not want if you are preparing yourself for any big occasion.

2. It will damage your metabolic process

You usually deprive yourself to a proper diet while doing crash dieting. It will make you respond in different ways. Your system misjudges your starvation as conditions of famine, and so, retains fat and decreases your metabolism. It conserves all the fat for coping with any urgent situation in the future. In this way, you are going to lose healthy muscles, which will inhibit your metabolic rate more.

3. Weight gain

One of the most significant effects of crash diets is the rapid gain in weight, which takes place when you’re at times off the diet. This is because of the change in metabolism, which your system undergoes while you are on a crash diet. Your body fails to receive adequate calories while you are crash dieting and, therefore, adjusts itself to using up a reduced amount of calories.

Following the weight reduction initially, the crash dieters usually hit a weight loss plateau where they begin to gain weight instead of losing it. Thereafter, because of the adjusted metabolism of the body, it becomes tougher for you to shed pounds.


4. You will feel exhausted and irritable

Although you are constantly feeling hungry, you have to do all your daily tasks but at reduced energy levels. You will certainly feel exhausted and short-tempered. Crash diets may also trigger a hormonal imbalance which can result in mood swings.

5. Loss of muscle and tissue

A crash diet will result in the storage of unwanted fats, and your muscles are actually burned and not the calories and fats. This will cause significant muscle loss as well as loss of tissues around the kidneys, the brain, and the liver.

So, if you really want to lose weight safely, you should avoid crash diets. Instead, eat healthy foods. You can also use supplements.


These Are The Things That Make You Gain Belly

Do you have excess belly fat or are you noticing a continuing increase in your belly fat? This is a significant risk factor for different diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and metabolic syndrome. The excess fat belly is what is referred to as visceral fat. This basically means that excess fats have accumulated in your abdomen and near the liver. The main cause of belly fat are the things you are eating or doing. It is important to know these things so that you can limit or avoid them and before you know it, there will be no more belly fat.

Things that are making you gain belly fat

1. Low-fiber diets

4t35yhedfbr2tf4g5Fiber plays a crucial role in improving health and regulating weight. Some fibers, such as soluble fiber, will reduce hunger hormones, make you feel fuller and lower absorption of calories from food. Therefore eating low-fiber diets increases your chances of gaining belly fat.

2. Stress

This can make you gain belly fat. Stress is produced by a hormone called cortisol. When you are stressed, you are likely to overeat thus increasing intake of calories. Cortisol causes excess fats to be stored in the belly instead of being transported to other parts of the body. Stress will also cause sleep disorders which can lead to weight gain, including accumulation of belly fat.

3. Sedentary lifestyle

Being inactive increases risks of gaining belly fat. Studies have shown that one of the reasons why more people nowadays are gaining belly fat is because they live a sedentary lifestyle. So the reason you may be gaining belly fat is because you are not actively involved in physical activities to prevent accumulation of excess fats in the belly.

4. Consuming excess alcohol

Alcohol contains calories and has also been found to suppress burning of fats in the body. Therefore consuming excess alcohol will increase calorie level in the body and also reduce the rate of fat burning. These two promotes fat accumulation in the body, including the belly. It is for this reason that men who consume excess fats are at a higher risk of having excess belly fat – what is commonly referred to as beer belly.h3j75rh5jyrthe5

5. Beverages and sugary foods

They increase sugar levels in the body from their high fructose contents. This has been linked to an increase in belly fat. So if you have been eating sugary and drinking beverages, they may be the cause of your excess belly fat.