Implantation Bleeding Explained

Implantation bleeding is constantly confused for regular periods. This bleeding one of the first signs of pregnancy that occur in a third of women when conceiving. You have probably noticed blood spot on your underpants, yet you are a week from your periods? Maybe it is implantation bleeding.

General information


kjjkjkkjkjmmmllpA fertilized egg finds its way down the fallopian tube to the uterus where implantation occurs. The egg anchors itself on the walls of the uterus in the process puncturing some blood vessels on the lining of the uterus. This occurrence results in a leak of blood that finds its way out through the vagina.


The presence of blood which is lighter than what is there during periods. Implantation accompanied by mild cramps and later morning sickness sets in.


Implantation bleeding is a normal condition that is self-resolving. Should the bleeding persist, you are advised to seek medical attention from a professional.

Implantation bleeding

With the normal regular menstrual cycle being complete after 28-30 days, ovulation occurs around the 15th day, with sexual contact implantation is possible ten days after ovulation period. The actual implantation and appearance of implantation blood can be 3-7 days before completion of the menstrual cycle.


Implantation blood differs from the normal menstrual blood. It can be darker or lighter. Terming it as bleeding is sometimes an exaggeration because it is commonly yellow or pinkish discharge with little traces of blood.

Some women experience cramps. The pains are often expressed as “feeling the implantation.” Slight pain is experienced around the diaphragm, a predisposed by implantation of the fertilized egg in the walls of the uterus causing its muscles to cramp.

During the second part of the menstrual cycle, the basal body temperatures rise to 37 ̊C for about two weeks. Implantation can cause a decrease in the body temperatures below 37 ̊C and later a dramatic increase.

Under normal circumstances, implantation blood can be expected for few hours. During exceptional cases, the condition extends up to 2 days. Experiencing this scenario for more than two days prompts need for medical attention.

Week before menstruation

kkkmmmbbbvvxFor a person keeping her menstrual calendar, the implantation blood can appear a week before menstruation. Timing, duration, and characteristics are some factors that differentiate it from menstrual bleeding. Implantation bleeding sometimes goes unnoticed. It is set to last only for few hours.

Bleeding in women can be caused by other factors apart from menstruation and implantation some of these cause include sex, miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy.