Intensity Exercises


High intensity weight training has multiple health benefits. This training reduces risk factors for many diseases thus improving your overall wellbeing. If you have never tried high intensity weight training, this is the type to start for the sake of your health. Many people think that high intensity weight training involves lifting heavy weights, which can only be done at the gym. This is not true because the training can be done without using heavy resistance or any equipment. The training has varied principles, including intensity, type of lift, variety, volume, progressive load, rest, and recovery. Following these principles helps in developing a program that suits your specific needs.

Therefore before you decide to start high intensity weight training, know some of the health benefits you are entitled to get

Health benefits you will get from high intensity weight training

Muscle building and weight loss

Some people think that you cannot lose fat and at the same tie build muscles. But high intensity weight training has been proved to accomplish the two concurrently. The training boosts lean body mass and reduces visceral fat, trunk and abdominal fat and total body fat. The gained muscle mass increasing metabolism hence burning excess calories in the body. This is essential when losing weight besides preventing weight gain.eg5h6ynrger3

Boosts metabolism

The training activates production of human growth hormone, which increases metabolic rate. Additionally, it also keeps your heart pumping at a high rate meaning that the rate of metabolism in the body rises.


The training activates and increases production of telomerase, an anti-aging enzyme, and also suppresses production of proteins that cause premature aging. It keeps the skin firmer and prevents wrinkles. So expect to look younger when you do high intensity weight training.

Improves libido

This training keeps almost all parts of your body active. It boosts metabolism, increases energy level, enhances muscle toning and lowers body fat. All these are helpful in improving libido. Therefore if you are an adult, this training will significantly improve your sexual performance.

Enhances production of various hormones

f46yrgjtj64Intensity exercises promote the production of hormones such as testosterones, leptin, and ghrelin. These hormones are helpful in suppressing unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.

It also increases good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces bad cholesterol (LDL); reduces high blood pressure; lowers insulin requirements and risk of diabetes; improves heart health; lowers high estrogen thus reducing the risk of breast cancer; eases stress and anxiety and reduces colds.