A Guide to Understanding ObamaCare


The Modern Day Health Insurance Policy

Contrary to popular opinion, the government-run Health Insurance Marketplace is not only a “fail-safe” measure for the future of ObamaCare. It is also a place where hundreds of thousands of people are shopping for a new health insurance policy. There is simply no way that this kind of advertising campaign could have been executed without a powerful backer.

What is the American Health Care Act?

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) was introduced in March and immediately after its introduction, opponents immediately started to attack the AHCA. They do this by using scare tactics that try to confuse the public as to what the bill would actually do.

Their tactics are meant to sway the American public and political elite to their side of the fence. Their most effective weapon is the battle cry: “ObamaCare is the end of the United States of America!”

If that claim were true, then they could use it to their advantage by using it to convince politicians to hand the bill over to the political elites and allow them to come up with their own healthcare plan. However, that is far from the truth as far as ObamaCare is concerned.

The primary example of this comes from the exchanges in the state of New York. As has been mentioned, a little more than a third of the residents of New York have purchased a health insurance plan through the state-run Healthcare Exchange. Obviously, they are pleased with their healthcare options in New York.

Most people didn’t purchase a particular plan because they wanted to. It’s true that a third of the population of New York bought a plan because they could, but the majority of those plans were obtained by people who planned on getting coverage from the state-run Healthcare Exchange.

However, there are still some people’s minds working in opposition to Obamacare and their main attack on the law comes from misinformation and propaganda. And unfortunately, they’re effective. That’s why many people do not know that their healthcare costs are going down or that insurance companies have to adhere to certain regulations before they can offer a plan.

And why did they go ahead and tell them that the law would save them money? They did so in order to scare people into buying insurance. Those who heard the lie still believe that the individual mandate exists, even though it was successfully repealed.

But it was not repealed for the sake of saving money for people. The fact is that the law only allows companies to take in more money and give out less money if they do not meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act. In other words, the law had nothing to do with limiting profits for companies.

Furthermore, they don’t have to meet any requirements to be allowed to do business in the US under the individual mandate. So the insurance companies have the right to charge whatever they want.

That doesn’t mean, however, that people are guaranteed to receive any type of coverage. In fact, they have to make a choice. If you don’t want insurance, it’s still up to you to do the research and find out what your options are.

Don’t get scared, though, because if you don’t buy insurance, then you will be left without coverage. The government will pay for the insurance costs if you don’t qualify for Medicaid.